Power Women in The Porn Business

The general impression of the porn and london escorts industry is that women are treated as commodities and not very well looked after. They are seen as porn star and sex objects, and this can be a really degrading experience for many women.

London Escorts often say that many people do not respect them at all, and they like to compare themselves to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Sometimes they may feel like that but isn’t the problem really just in their minds?

I am a woman myself and I wonder who is kidding who here. Are women really degraded when they spend their time being escorts in London, or working as porn stars in London. Personally, I have a higher degree and it took me along time to get that. Many of this women earn more per year than I ever have done.

When I worked in London for awhile, I spent a lot of time interviewing london escorts and London porn stars for a special project. To my surprise, I often found that they picked up a bigger pay check than I did. So, I ask myself if the porn and London escorts industry does not empower women instead.

Girls on Top

Many escorts in London and porn stars bring home huge pay checks. What so many women’s rights group forget is that this is a multi-billion dollar industry, and some people within this industry earn big money.

Some london escorts that I spoke to took home very generous pay checks, and were able to live very comfortable lives. A lot of them did not stay in the industry for a very long time but instead retired early and moved on.

Girls Behind the Camera

Not all bosses in the London porn and london escorts industry are men. More and more women have stepped behind the camera and become successful porn movie directors in their own right. Some of them have even set up them own production companies, and many of them have improved working conditions for female porn stars.

Many of these lady directors are offering porn stars hire wages and better working conditions. And who pays for all of this? The men that buy the movies, of course!

Escorts Behind the Desk

Many london escorts have also launched their own companies, and may even be found selling sexy lingerie on the Internet. Who says london escorts can’t run businesses? Business skills are often learned through hard work, and formal training has very little to do with it.

Some of the most successful London porn business or sex business online today are owned by former London escorts, and the shoppers are mainly men.

There are even former escorts in London who own call centres, and run them very well. Sexy chat lines are very popular today, and it turns out that former escorts in London make some of the smartest and best operators in the business. Who use sexy chat lines, and are only too happy to hand over their credit card details? Men… who is really exploiting who?

We are a bit quick to say that London escorts and London porn stars are being exploited and degraded. When you look at the complete picture you find that it is the other way around, and women are in fact degrading men. Perhaps men have just become “commercial opportunities” to some women???

Have your say and join in the debate on London’s top escorts site charlotteaction.org we would love to hear from London men and their take on this interesting debate.

Porn: The Dividing Line For Feminism

Over 13 million women watch porn a month. That is only a small portion of the 30 million views per day that come from mostly men. That is because porn brings up an important debate among women: Is porn feminist? Most feminist views of porn range from strong disapproval to cries of abuse of women, to embracing certain forms of porn as a medium. Feminists’ debating over porn is closely related to other debates, reflecting concerns for prostitution, BDSM, etc. The debate is mostly between Anti-Porn feminists and Sex-Positive Feminists.

Andrea Dworkin, Diana Russell, and Robert Jensen are a few among others that argue that pornography is harmful to women, and promotes violence against females. The Anti-Porn Feminists has claimed that porn is exploitative towards women and has called for its censorship. When Dworkin went before the Meese Commission to support their side, she said that over 65 to 70 percent of women who participate in porn are, or have been victims of incest or child abuse. She supplied no evidence to support the claim, but her crusade against porn has brought her to the nations’ attention. The claims are that women are coerced into porn, even though they seem to be enjoying themselves during production. Linda Boreman only pushed the movement farther when she stated that she has been beaten, raped, and pimped by Chuck Traynor. She also said that Traynor held her at gunpoint to make some of the scenes in the classic “Deep Throat” and other pornographic films.

Sex-Positive feminism is the belief that sexual freedoms are essential to a woman’s liberation. In this side, porn is seen as a medium for a woman’s sexual expression, and that other feminist’ views, especially the Anti-Porn side, are oppressive. They also say that porn shows women in sexually dominant roles and can present women in various body types then typical mainstream fashion. They also argue that censorship will not reduce violence, and should not be put in place. Some Sex-Positive feminists even produce a small amount of porn themselves. Several porn stars, such as Sasha Grey and Nina Hartley view themselves as sex-positive feminists, and do not see themselves as victims of sexism. Also, they point out that women tend to make more than male counterparts in adult films.

Most women choose to be in the porn industry and enjoy themselves while doing it. Although feminists are constantly battling over it, porn continues to grow. With various arguments on either side, it is hard to but a dividing line on women’s rights and censorship, but most agree that porn is definitely on the line. So is porn abusive to women? That’s up to the general population to decide. Visit at cityofeve.com for more information.